How to build the optimal monetization machine

Over the last few years, the number of demand partners has significantly increased, as has the number of SSPs used by each publisher, and it is now common for Publishers to work with over 20 different SSPs. What this has meant is that Publishers have plenty of options to build their monetization machine, but they also need to navigate increasingly complex options to find the most profitable monetization machine for their business. Our guide is designed to help publishers make the best choices given their current situation.

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You will learn about:

  • Selecting the right Prebid partners for optimized ad revenue and page performance
  • Making sure your partners are performing optimally at all times
  • Generating as much value as possible with your existing setup

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One particular publisher that is well on the way of reaching optimal monetisation on their inventory is Le Monde, partly thanks to the use of the Pubstack platform. Learn all about this success story by watching our Use case : Le Monde with Daniel Soares, Digital Operations Director of M Publicité.

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