Pubstack's Programmatic Data Benchmark: Q1 2024

What’s in it for you? This essential report, derived from Pubstack’s extensive platform data, delves into crucial performance indicators such as:

  • ID solutions
  • Top Prebid SSPs
  • Desktop and Mobile CPMs by browser
  • Prebid and AdX top sizes
  • Average number of bidders called
  • Average number of responses per auction
  • Viewability
  • Revenue Share of Voice

Download the report now to benchmark your quarterly results against the market average. ⬇

We’re thrilled to present our 'Programmatic Data Benchmark' for Q1, 2024, featuring comparative market data from five key countries: France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Spain.

Discover how your strategies align with regional dynamics and what shifts might be necessary to maximise your performance. By analysing these metrics, our benchmark allows you to tailor your approaches to each specific market, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced revenue opportunities.


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