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Analytics Integration

How does Pubstack's Analytics integration work?

After a quick call where we focus on understanding what is most valuable to you and how we can help you achieve it with Pubstack, we send you a custom tag that you simply add to your website and you directly start seeing data flow in your platform in real-time. You may also use a tag manager if you prefer.

Will Pubstack's tag slow down my page?

Not really, our tag is loaded asynchronously on the webpage to optimise the speed performance of the site. Pubstack also uses global CDN providers (AWS, Cloudflare, Google Cloud) to serve as fast as possible all resources needed, anytime or anywhere your users are.

Is Pubstack compatible with my ad setup ?
Header bidding wrapper compatibility:
Type of Header bidding wrapper
Compatible with Pubstack tag?
Prebid client-side
Prebid server-side
Amazon TAM/UAM
IX Wrapper
Third party client-side wrappers (managed solutions)
Third party server-side wrappers (managed solutions)
Ad environments compatibility:
Web (desktop & mobile)
Facebook instant articles
Coming soon
Adserver compatibility:
Smart Adserver
My Prebid wrapper is customised with in-house code, will Pubstack work for me?

Yes, our tag is very flexible and can adapt to most homemade Prebid wrappers.

I use a post-bid setup, will Pubstack work for me?

Yes, Pubstack covers both Prebid and post-bid setups.

What media types does Pubstack support?
Media type
Video instream
Video outstream
Rich media
What revenue channels from Google Ad Manager do you monitor?
Revenue source
Yes. Private auctions, first look & open auctions
Direct campaigns
Coming soon
Open Bidding (EBDA)
What dimensions and/or metrics are available through Pubstack's analytics ?
HB Revenue
Header bidding revenues
Number of ad calls
HB Impressions
Header bidding impressions effectively rendered
Impression rate
Total number of impressions coming from a bidder divided by total number of winnings bids of this bidder
Average revenue per thousand impressions in Header Bidding
HB Fill rate
Number of header bidding impressions divided by number of auctions
Average revenue per thousand auctions in Header Bidding
HB Density
Average number of partner responses per auctions requests
Win rate
Total number of winnings bids coming from the bidder divided by total number of bid responses
Timeout rate
Percentage of ad auctions for which a bidder didn't provide a bid within the time specified in your Prebid.js timeout settings
HB Winning Bids
Sum of Header Bidding winning bids before competition with the Adserver
Average revenue per thousand Bid Requests
Average cost per thousand Bids
Average winning CPM within the Prebid Header Bidding auctions (apply to a specific bidder)

Analytics landscape

I already have an existing analytics / reporting / in-house reporting solution, can Pubstack still help?

Pubstack is not a reporting solution. We provide a real-time analytics solution to help you optimise your ad revenue. For example, the traditional analytics tools do not give publishers the possibility to run A/B tests or to measure timeouts, we can. The data in Pubstack does not come from SSP’s APIs, it comes directly from the browser.

Can Pubstack implement Prebid for me?

Yes, Prebid implementation is included in our Ad Management offer.


How is Pubstack's Ad Refresh solution different from my existing solution?

Pubstack’s Ad Refresh solution is a data-driven solution that gives publishers full control over their refresh rules. It is a code-free integration with which publishers do not need to rely on a tech team to adjust their rules. In addition, it comes with an amazing customer success team that is able to guide publishers in the best possible way. The high granularity (ability to set different rules per device/website/adUnit) of our solution allows the Publisher to set very precise custom refresh rules, such as different refresh timers for specific SSPs, which is recommended for SSPs with completion metrics.

Can I exclude Direct Campaigns from Refreshing?

Yes, Pubstack provides the possibility of excluding demand sources either by Order id or Line Item id. This is can be done through the use either of a blacklist or a whitelist

How much control will I have over Ad Refresh rules ?

Publishers have full control over their ad refresh rules. The customer success team will give recommendations, but the publishers have full control. Pubstack’s solution offers more control over the refresh rules than any other existing solutions. Publishers can adjust the rules by device, ad unit, partner, location, campaign etc. Pubstack allows to fine-tune the rules with a great level of granularity and to measure precisely all impacts on the ad stack.

How can I implement Pubstack's Ad Refresh solution?

Publishers only need to implement a javascript tag on their page. Our customer success team will then create access to the Pubstack platform. The whole process usually takes between 30 – 60 minutes.

Tag example:

<script async src=””></script>

Which demand sources does Pubstack Refresh solution work with?
Demand source
GAM with Prebid
Amazon TAM with Prebid
GAM / TAM without prebid
IX Wrapper
Other adservers
What will my partners think of Ad Refresh ?

Ad Refresh is a widely accepted technique in the industry (Facebook and Youtube use it). That being said, it can be worth it to mention it to some partners to make sure that the refresh rules will be compliant with their terms and conditions. Pubstack offers the possibility to adjust refresh rules depending on the partner to avoid having some relationships damaged by Ad Refresh. A publisher could set a 30-second refresh timer for SSP1 and a 20-second refresh timer for SSP2 etc.

Will Ad Refresh harm the quality of my inventory?

Implementing Ad Refresh is not easy, best practices need to be followed (for ex: being compliant with SSPs terms and conditions). It is important to follow closely the metrics and data in order not to hurt the viewability, CPM, or SSP performance. Pubstack’s expertise on this topic gives publishers the keys to implement ad refresh in the best possible way, allowing not to harm the quality of their inventory.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at security[at]

Are Pubstack servers secure?

Pubstack runs on Amazon Web Services. All Pubstack resources limit access to the least number of people necessary to keep them up and running. Deploys are automated to all machines, and all resources with access to Pubstack data have SSH disabled to prevent any unauthorised access to customer data.

How is communication with Pubstack managed?

All data exchanged with Pubstack is done via the HTTPS protocol.

How does Pubstack store data?

Pubstack data is stored on AWS in DynamoDB, OpenSearch, and S3, and access is limited to machines that need read and write access to the data.

How does Pubstack maintain security?

All passwords are filtered from all our logs.
We use Auth0 to provide a secure way to authenticate Pubstack users. Auth0 is a popular identity management platform that provides a secure and reliable way to authenticate users. By using Auth0, we can ensure that all login information is always sent over SSL and that passwords are filtered from all our logs, which helps to prevent unauthorised access to customer data.
Pubstack employees are granted access to applications based on their role, and automatically deprovisioned upon termination of their employment. Further access must be approved according to the policies set for each application.

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