The single-stop Ad management solution for publishers

Making monetisation easy, transparent & performant for each & every publisher.

The three pillars of our product

Build, monitor & optimise your programmatic stack with our single-stop no-code platform.

Build your ad stack

Our platform frees publisher monetisation teams of the tech dependency by allowing you to configure your ad inventory and seamlessly integrate third-party monetisation partners without coding.

Seamlessly build your ad stack by taking your pick from over 100 ready-to-use integrations, reducing release time while experimenting confidently to build the best performing ad setup.

Analyse your performance

Centralize ad revenue data from all sources for comprehensive analysis. Make data-driven monetisation decisions, powered by accurate measurement and real-time monitoring.

Easily understand ad stack performance through granular interactive data, advanced A/B testing, and powerful visualization capabilities, enabling continuous optimization.

Optimise your revenue

Set up various advanced monetisation techniques in the blink of an eye, all done without requiring setup by your developer team:

  • Ad Refresh
  • Floor pricing
  • Lazy Loading
  • A/B tests
  • & more to come!

Making Adtech simpler for all

Ad Operations & Traffic Managers

  • Connect new partners & tech as easily as ticking a box and reduce the dependence on developers;
  • Monitor your ad stack’s health in real-time & troubleshoot easily with high-granularity metrics : RPM, timeout, bid rate, win rate, response time & more…
  • Continuously optimise your setup to catch every single revenue opportunity on your inventory.

Yield & Revenue Managers

  • Make all your decisions data-driven thanks to actionable insights to avoid revenue losses & discrepancies;
  • Cross check your programmatic data from different sources and identify higher-yield opportunities across your inventory;
  • Implement complex setups and monetisation strategies seamlessly through our unified UI to generate maximum revenue.

Head of Programmatic

  • Increase your revenue by testing, measuring and iterating faster than ever without the need for development or technical teams;
  • Cut the time spent building and modernising your programmatic setup and let your teams focus on revenue strategies rather than stack maintenance;
  • Reduce your programmatic stack’s vulnerability by cutting the risks around implementation/deployment, knowledge loss and team turnover.

Used by first class media

Thanks to the new GAM Dashboard tool, and by combining it with others, we have increased visibility on the filling of our inventories, an essential criterion for my job. To go further in the analyses, Pubstack also synchronises with our ad units, allowing us to have a very granular vision of the category and the type of page.

Maxime Mesmin
Yield Manager @ Prisma Media

In a continuous yield optimisation approach, Pubstack helped us A/B test different set-ups and allowed us to precisely measure the impact of the tiniest change on our advertising revenue in order to expedite the process towards an optimal yield.

Kamal Tmimi
Head of Programmatic @ SLM ADS

Pubstack has helped us on so many aspects that we cannot get through a day without using it!

Augustin Ory
CEO @ The Moneytizer

Pubstack's real-time monitoring solution has helped us gain reactivity for all aspects of our advertising stack's troubleshooting, especially as advertising stacks have become more complicated in recent years with the rise of header bidding and the new regulations related to RGPD.
Moreover, the exchanges with Pubstack's teams are also enriching and instructive in the continuous optimisation of our advertising stack.

Romain Fevrier
Director Digital Monetization @ Ouest-France Group

Pubstack allows us to analyse, pilot, debug and optimise our programmatic revenue in real-time! It has become an INVALUABLE tool for our day-to-day tasks’ support in the programmatic team!!

Thierry Philippet
Programmatic Director @ PlanetMedia

Pubstack proved to be a real asset in our header bidding strategy: it allowed us to define the most performing bidders and prioritise their integration, it also allowed to improve our latency and fill rates for each ad unit.
Thanks to custom alerts, Pubstack also proved to be very efficient in reducing time to action when a set-up problem was identified.

Clément Sevin
Display Programmatic Manager @ Cerise Group

Thanks to Pubstack’s real-time monitoring capability, we are now able to connect or disconnect bidders and immediately assess the impact it has on our advertising revenue. Being able to have an overview of our websites’ performance and also easily drill down to the detail level is a huge plus in a continuous improvement approach.

Michael Requillart
Partnerships Manager @ CCM Benchmark

Pubstack helps Webedia quickly troubleshoot revenue-impacting issues and reduce A/B testing cycles to reach optimal yield.

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