The complete guide to boost Ad Revenue with Analytics

How to drive programmatic revenue through hyper-granular analytics

This webinar contains the following:

  • The importance of having a “test and learn” process and how to best set it up
  • How to get as much value as possible from your existing partners
  • How to use floor prices to drive up revenue
  • How to optimize the auction process to avoid leaving money on the table
  • And much more...

Our experts at Pubstack have shared some insight to help Publishers leverage analytics to get an edge in the monetization process without increasing the complexity of the existing ad stack. By setting up a superior level of analytics on their ad stack, every publisher can now get full access to the revenue that bidders are prepared to give them in order to advertise on their inventory.

However, having a high amount of data doesn't automatically improve your revenue. It all comes down to whether or not that data is actionable and what type of precise improvements can be implemented thanks to an analytics tool that pinpoints the issues you're on the lookout for. To show you just how far an superior analytics tool can take you, our whitepaper is focused around on some of the most high-value, revenue-generating use cases that we've witnessed during our collaboration with some of Europe's top publishers:

  • Maximizing the value brought by your SSPs
  • Spotting & troubleshooting poor bidder performance on your inventory
  • How to master the setup of floor prices to drive maximal revenue
  • FInding the sweet spot for bid timeouts
  • Ad discrepancies, how to expose them and how to solve them ?
  • Maintaining a strong and healthy competition between bidders over your inventory
  • Key insights on viewability metrics and how to leverage them to influence your ad revenue
  • How to use A/B tests properly to get unbiased insights into your ad stack

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And if you’re still unconvinced of the importance of analytics when it comes to optimising your ad stack and especially generating more revenue, we invite you to watch Highfivve’s use case. Using Pubstack’s tool for both performance-related and analytics-related topics, Highfivve are a perfect example of how real-time analytics can take your publisher monetisation to new heights.

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