How to Personalise your Ad Experience to your User Segments?

This whitepaper contains the following:

  • Understanding how Ad Experience impacts your activity as a Publisher;
  • How to concile ads with a subscriber-centric strategy as a Publisher;
  • Several use cases of ad experience customisation: geography, traffic source, consent-less users, device, subscription types, etc.

In the dynamic world of digital publishing, the quest for maximised advertising revenue is a common thread that unites various internal teams within any publishing organisation. Whether focused on content, technology, sales, or strategy, these teams all strive towards a singular goal: enhancing advertising revenue. However, this pursuit has its challenges. Foremost among them is finding the delicate balance between maximising revenue and ensuring a positive advertising experience for users.

Our whitepaper, "How to Master User-Centric Ad Customisation", is designed to guide publishers through this intricate balancing act. It recognises that an aggressive ad approach, while potentially lucrative in the short term, can detract from the user experience, leading to longer-term repercussions such as increased ad blocking and reduced audience engagement. Conversely, an overly cautious ad strategy can fail to capitalise on revenue opportunities fully.

Our goal is to empower monetisation teams and C-level executives at large publishing houses with the knowledge and tools to not only enhance their advertising revenue and do so in a way that respects and elevates the user experience. In doing so, we aspire to foster a sustainable, profitable, and user-friendly digital advertising ecosystem.


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