How to Optimise Prebid Towards a More Efficient and Greener Supply Chain

This whitepaper deep dives into actionable strategies to optimise Prebid and make the supply chain more sustainable and efficient:

  • How to minimise redundant auctions;
  • How to implement Lazy Loading without impacting revenue;
  • Reducing the number of bidders to enhance advertising efficiency;
  • How to leverage solutions such as Greenbids for sustainable Ad Operations;
  • Building bid throttling algorithms.

Gone are the days when sustainability was a mere trend, a minor concern in the corporate world. No longer can digital advertising actors view carbon reduction as an optional part of their corporate social responsibility - it is now a fundamental aspect of their existence and operations.

The journey for publishers starts with optimising their supply chain for enhanced efficiency and eco-responsibility. Learn how to streamline your advertising operations’ for an efficient and sustainable supply chain by downloading our whitepaper.


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