The guide to maximizing Monetization while respecting user choice

A study on monetisation & user consent by Pubstack & Didomi

This webinar contains the folllowing:

  • The impact of GDPR consent on ad monetization
  • Top CMP-related issues and how to avoid them.
  • A 3-part strategy to maximize monetization
  • 5 tips to maximize monetization while respecting user choice

Over the course of this study done in partnership between Pubstack and Didomi, publishers will learn exactly what impact the latest GDPR regulations have on their monetization process, as well as various ideas for publishers to explore on how to monetize non-consented traffic. 

Despite Google's delay of the so-called "cookie-pocalyse" until 2024, it is never too early to start preparing yourself and your media for the big switch from a third-party data model to a first-party data model, and from targeting based on user data to targeting based on context.

In order to teach you how to monetize consent-less traffic, our whitepaper mainly focuses on the reduction of the number of ad calls, whether it's due to missing consent information or to refused consent. This is however only the first step of the process, and the rest of our document will complete your learning by detailing a couple of the best practices to monetize users in both cases (absence or refusal of consent).


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Once you’re done reading our whitepaper, we’ve got something else in stock for those interested in GDPR compliance and respecting privacy ! We’ve hosted a webinar together with Webedia and ID5 to evaluate The Impact of Identity on Publishers’ Advertising Revenues

If you’d like a real-life example of how Pubstack can cover your GDPR-related needs, then we’ve also got you covered ! Since the recent changes to GDPR, especially in France, M6 has been looking for a way to monetise their consent-less traffic, while avoiding the use of GAM as it made them non-compliant. Read more about the use case right here : Use case : M6.

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