How to increase revenue with Ad Refresh without affecting the inventory ?

Demistifying Ad Refresh for Publishers

This whitepaper will help you learn Ad Refresh:

  • ...without degrading your eCPM
  • ...without harming the user experience
  • ...without decreasing viewability

Our experts at Pubstack have debunked all the misconceptions that publishers may have on ad refresh to give you clear guidelines on how to implement it to reap all the benefits and maximize your ad revenues without harming your inventory. Despite being around since 2016 and the creation of an ad refresh standard by Google, there are still a couple myths that remain supported and that we've chosen to debunk:

  • Myth 1: Ad Refresh is bad
  • Myth 2: Ad Refresh affects User Experience (UX) negatively
  • Myth 3: Ad Refresh decreases your viewability metrics
  • Myth 4: Ad Refresh decreases your CPM
  • Myth 5: Ad Refresh will hurt your relationship with your demand partners
  • Myth 6: Ad Refresh is easy to implement

In this 20-page document, each of these myths is debunked with data-backed arguments as well as concrete examples that we've witnessed over the past few years helping publishers optimize their programmatic revenue. While this technique should remain used with caution, it is important for publishers to finally have all the arguments needed for taking a decision in favor of Ad Refresh and to stop leaving considerable amounts of money on the table.


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The only verified way of making sure your Ad Refresh strategy doesn’t impact your inventory is an actual A/B test, rather than a before/after comparison (which is much more common way of doing things than you’d think). Learn how to set up a proper A/B test to receive unbiased metrics by reading our dedicated whitepaper : How to run a proper A/B test ?

Ad Refresh can be a very useful tool, if properly implemented, to reach optimal yield. We’ve encountered a real-life example of this with one of our customers, and we’ve documented the process in our Use case : SLM Ads

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