How to set up a top-performing ad slot in 2023?

Maximize the revenue potential of your ad slots

This whitepaper contains the following:

  • how to maximize your revenue generation with ad sizes
  • best practices for ad viewability (how to set up lazy loading, stick, semi-stick...)
  • how to increase both demand competition and quality

In the ever-growing complexity of programmatic advertising and publisher monetization, setting up an ad slot for optimal performance can turn out to be quite a challenge.

Our daily work with some of Europe’s leading publishers, as well as our highly granular data, has made us able to identify the industry’s current best practices for 2023. We’ve gathered these insights into a checklist to level the playing field between monetization teams and help AdOps generate maximum revenue across their inventory.

In this whitepaper, you'll find a detailed checklist on how to optimize the attractiveness of your inventory, which should in turn result in an improvement of your monetization performance. Whether it's your ad sizes that aren't finding any takers amongst your bidders, a bid throttling situation or making sure that you've chosen the right bidders for maximum coverage, our advanced checklist will teach you how to avoid each of these potential pitfalls that can make or break your monetization stack.

Our ambition is to make monetization easy, transparent and performant for each and every publisher, in what has become an increasingly complex industry. So, if you're looking to optimize your programmatic processes, feel free to contact our teams below for some guidance through your website monetization project.


To continue on the briefly mentioned topic of timeouts, our programmatic experts have also identified a common mistake leading to timeout conflicts, and potentially massive revenue losses. Learn our simple fix by reading our article Timeouts Simplified: How to avoid falling into the Dual Timeouts Trap

When testing the changes suggested by our checklist on your own stack, keep in mind that the value of these changes can only be verified through A/B testing if you want to get your numbers (and your decisions!) right everytime. One of our customers has been using this method to measure the impact of each change to their ad stack, find out more by reading their Use case : Le Monde.

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