The Ultimate Guide to Ad Management Platforms for Publishers

This whitepaper contains the following:

  • Understanding Ad Management platforms and whether or not you need one;
  • Why these platforms are a solution to the complexification of the Adtech industry;
  • How to select the right approach to optimising your monetisation: "build or buy", server VS client-side & many more;
  • The key levers to maximise your advertising operations' benefits.

Ad Management platforms signify a pivotal evolution in publisher monetisation. These platforms empower publishers with tools and capabilities to build, manage, and operate their advertising stack efficiently and provide invaluable insights into their stack and its performance.

In this whitepaper, we detail the various use cases that publishers of all sizes face in their daily challenges around monetisation, and how Ad Management platforms can provide a solution in many of these situations.

If you'd like help from our programmatic teams on how to retake control of your monetisation, without the technical hassle, feel free to contact our teams below.


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