The End of the SSP Era

Every now and then, the industry comes up with an article about the imminent end of SSPs.

With many questions being raised about the supply chain transparency, deal IDs efficiency, and the rising pressure over verification. Many industry actors predict that soon, Demand will go straight to publishers to save on tech costs, avoid SSP fees, and reach better cookie matching.

To separate fact and fiction, we’ve organized in partnership with Smart Adserver a panel discussion with 4 speakers from different backgrounds, to represent each of the involved actors (SSP, DSP, Publisher), get everyone’s side of the story and build a holistic view.

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Panel participants

  • Ingrid Couasnon – VP EMEA Smart AdServer (SSP)
  • Marzia Tagliabue – Executive Head of Programmatic @ Unify Group (Publisher)
  • Alexandra Ong – Manager of Strategic Business Development @ Adobe (DSP)
  • Céline Craipeau – Brand Planning Senior Director @ Jellyfish (Trading Desk)

Since this panel discussion was a huge success we decided to share the replay that you can watch here:

The webinar took place on Wednesday 30/06 at 5.00 pm CET.


More on this topic:

Once you’ve finished with this webinar, we encourage you to take a read our "The state of programmatic & evolution perspectives for 2022" if you’re looking for additional insights into what the future of programmatic looks like.

As for the announced end of SSPs, we’ve actually encountered many publishers that are bringing them back in to counter GAM’s lack of transparency. We’ve also helped one of our customers,, with this exact use case, which you can read here : Use case : Synonymer.

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