How to personalise your Ad Experience to your User Segments

  • What exactly is Advertising Experience for publishers?
  • Geo-based stack optimisation (ad sizes, SSPs, loading times, etc)
  • How to face the "consent-less" scenario
  • Subscriber-centric strategies: enhancing user loyalty
  • Traffic source-based stack optimisation (ad pressure & viewability, custom ad layouts)
  • Device-based stack optimisation

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Publisher’s teams serve multifaceted objectives. While monetising through advertising is a primary goal, other equally crucial objectives include converting visitors to subscribers, generating revenue through content commerce, and ensuring user retention. 

Distinct teams within the organisation often manage these objectives.

At times, there can be friction between these teams. For instance, the content and user retention teams may see advertisements as a distraction or even an annoyance when they’re having a particularly successful day regarding user sessions. From their viewpoint, ads can sometimes disrupt the user experience. On the other hand, when a user clicks on an advertisement, it brings a conflicting sense of accomplishment for the monetisation team. 

However, it’s important to remember that all these teams share a common overarching goal: reaching a balance between maximising revenue and enhancing user experience. 

How can monetisation teams personalise the ad experience to ensure alignment with the collective goal?


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