Supercharge your ad revenue with a platform built to empower publishers

Advanced monetisation techniques & limitless customisation accessible for each and every AdOps.

Maximise your revenue, minimise your efforts

No more back-and-forths between AdOps and developers!
By simplifying complex monetisation techniques (such as Ad Refresh, Lazy Loading or Parallax), the Pubstack platform brings full control over their performance back into the hands of publishers and their AdOps teams.

Bridging the gap between
Tech & AdOps

Implementing complex & efficient ad behaviours requires skills that aren’t easily findable.

Our platform gives publishers and their AdOps teams the keys to full control & customisation of their monetisation stack.

A proven track-record
of superiority

  • Up to a 90% increase in viewability on your Ad Units thanks to Ad Refresh
  • Up to 40% revenue uplift generated on the same inventory with Ad Refresh
  • Up to 20% higher uplift generated VS other Revenue Optimization solutions

Our platform, built with publishers and for publishers, is already trusted by several premium media groups



Faster pages, better viewability, higher revenue

Optimise web performance and enhance user experience with Pubstack’s powerful lazy loading feature. Ensure that ads are loaded only when they are actually visible to users, significantly reducing page load times and achieving the perfect balance between monetisation and user engagement.

With Pubstack's lazy loading, you can harness the power of performance-driven advertising without compromising on user satisfaction.

Ad Refresh made as easy as ticking boxes

Achieve 20 to 40% revenue uplift in no time and with minimal effort thanks to our Ad Refresh solution. Our solution lets you tap into the full potential of your inventory by combining in-view metrics and frequency control to deliver high-value impressions to your partners.

Ad Refresh has just been turned from a viewability killer to a viewability booster!

Seamless control over floor prices

Safeguard your inventory from low-quality ads, soaring operational costs, and declining CPMs, ensuring your revenue remains secure and optimized. Set granular floor price rules at both the device level and specific device-adunit combinations within your ad stack.

Get the highest possible yield for your inventory without undervaluing it, set higher floor prices for premium ad placements, protect your brand, and adapt to changing market conditions while fostering competition among advertisers.

Stop ruining tests with biased metrics

Relying on gut feelings or before/after comparisons that could be impacted by external factors is a sure-fire way to lead yourself in the wrong direction and our A/B testing is here to prevent that. Easily set up A/B testing in our NoCode UI to properly compare your test results.

Automate & optimise on the fly

Setting up optimisations like, dynamic ad units, lazy loading, parallax and other complex monetisation tactics used to be the developers’ team responsibility, but it is now available to every Ad Ops!

Our platform lets you set up advanced optimisation rules with the ease of a no-code solution.

Customise your stack to match your audience

Pubstack’s platform gives limitless customisation capabilities for maximum optimisation possibilities. Match your stack’s setup to your audience’s needs (device type, geo, user consent, traffic source, page type…) and maximise your revenue generation in every possible context.

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