Refine, test, succeed

A/B test each aspect of your monetisation strategy autonomously and with minimal effort to make smarter decisions.

How do I A/B test with Pubstack?

Learn how to implement your A/B tests in no time with our Ad Management platform.



Set up your tests in a snap

Implement different monetisation rules on a chunk of your inventory and directly monitor your test results thanks to our detailed dashboards. Then effortlessly fine-tune your settings directly on the platform, eliminating the need for developers involvement.

Run tests on the ad unit level

Optimise your inventory’s performance with enhanced flexibility. You have the ability to change different parameters for a given ad unit or add additional ad units to your ad stack to compare performance.

Deploy changes safely

With our incremental deployment feature, you can implement a major change on only a small portion of your inventory (10%-15%) to safely test its impact on performance before deploying on all your inventory.

Leverage our real-time A/B test dashboard

Instantly get a comprehensive overview of your A/B tests results directly on the platform to assess the overall impact of any change made to your ad stack.

Immediately find all A/B test dimensions in your dashboard and get custom reports to track all your optimisation tactics.

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