Multiple Ad Stack Management

Scaling the perfect ad stack for every context.

What is an Ad Stack in Pubstack?

Pubstack allows you to set up your ad inventory, configure your monetization partners & 3rd party integrations, and connect them together all from the same platform. And finally continuously optimize all this set up thanks to different yield optimization techniques.
This whole set-up is called an Ad Stack within Pubstack, and you can create many ad stacks.

You may ask, why?

The possibility of having multiple ad stacks empowers you to finely customise the ad
to each user category, enhancing user satisfaction and maximising your ad revenue.


The right ad stack for the right context

Pubstack lets you customise the ad experience for various user categories, such as subscribers and non-subscribers. The possibility of having multiple ad stacks empowers you to finely customise the ad experience, enhancing user satisfaction and maximising ad revenue.

For instance, you can apply higher ad pressure for non-subscribers while maintaining a lighter approach for subscribers. You can also personalise your ad stack according to geos, use bidders that perform better in specific regions, or differentiate the ad experience and layout for different sections of your website (Sports section vs News section for example).

Find your optimal ad stack

Access real-time ad stack performance data instantly with our advanced Analytics module.

Whether you want to evaluate newly integrated 3rd party partners' performance or assess the impact of various ad layouts in different contexts, our platform allows you to cross-reference this data with User Session insights, ensuring you find the optimal ad stack for any context.

Better ad stack scalability and agility

Smoothly oversee and sync ad stacks across numerous websites within our unified platform. Efficiently update components shared among different ad stacks and transfer custom rules from an ad stack to another seamlessly. Iterate way faster to unlock your full monetization potential.

Our platform, built with publishers and for publishers, is already trusted by several premium media groups

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