Measure, compare & take data-driven actions

Stop juggling between multiple reporting tools and monitor your advertising revenue thanks to real-time data and superior data granularity.

The single-stop revenue monitoring
platform for publishers

Pubstack’s platform aggregates each metric and event across your entire stack to help you analyse which factors influence your programmatic revenue and precisely measure their impact.

Make all your monetisation decisions data-driven

Replace gut-feeling decisions with a decision process based on testing and accurate measurement.

Whether you're experimenting with a fresh floor pricing strategy, a new page layout, a different Prebid partner, an innovative ad format, a new ad unit, or a new ID solution, within Pubstack, you'll always have access to a dedicated dashboard that enables you to make well-informed, sharp decisions based on the results of these tests.

All your ad revenue data in one place

Centralise all your revenue data in one place, spanning numerous dimensions and metrics for enhanced observability.

Analyse your direct deals alongside Prebid, AdX, GAM, and Google Open Bidding data. Put an end to the laborious task of logging into multiple accounts, resolving consolidation problems, and wasting valuable resources.

A dedicated team of programmatic experts

Be backed by a dedicated team who are readily available to address any inquiries, and provide guidance with their in-depth understanding of programmatic intricacies.

Want to test a new partner? Ask us first, we might have your answer and spare you the effort of testing useless partnerships.


Our platform, built with publishers and for publishers, is already trusted by several premium media groups



Real-time monitoring

Our platform displays your monetisation metrics in real-time to help you assess the impact of any changes made to your ad stack, avoid undetected issues and reduce your team’s time-to-action.

Instantly test your hypotheses and back them up with high-value insights and unbiased A/B testing to maximise your inventory’s revenue.

Simplify the intricate market of ID providers

After implementing the ID providers of your choice directly from the platform thanks to our Build module, you can easily understand what ID solution drive the best performance thanks to advanced analytics and robust reporting for a fine-tuned alternative ID strategy.

Discover the power of User Sessions  

Focus on a high-value metric and shift your attention to User Sessions, which sheds light on your actual revenue per visit. By ignoring traffic fluctuations and considering elements like user experience and specific ad setups, this metric is an authentic benchmark to gauge revenue performance.

Build the perfect SSP mix

Accurately measure your SSPs unique value by meticulously analysing their contribution beyond just revenue. Identify the best-performing partners, understand their real impact on user experience, and streamline the selection process.

With Pubstack's precision in evaluating SSPs' bid responses, bid rates, and overall performance, you will gain a clearer understanding of which partners truly enhance your revenue and operational efficiency.

Compare yourself with industry peers

Receive every quarter, a custom and comprehensive 360-degree report of your performance relative to the market. This powerful tool supports you in formulating strategic directions for your monetisation efforts.

Whether it's identifying missing SSPs, addressing under-monetised browsers, or other growth opportunities, this analysis offers valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Continuous optimisation

Leverage our real-time A/B test dashboard and instantly get a comprehensive overview of your A/B tests results to assess the impact of any change made to your ad stack. Immediately find all A/B test dimensions in your dashboard and get custom reports to track all your optimisation tactics.

Granular & reliable data

Overcome the challenges of relying on 3rd party data by operating trustworthy data collection and finding troubleshooting solutions, all in real-time!

In-stream video performance

Distinguish video in-stream inventory from the rest and gain access to critical video metrics such as Starts, Quartiles, Error and Completion Rates, etc… Optimise your advertising revenue thanks to a complete look into your video inventory's performance.

All the hindsight you could need

Compare your performance in real-time to previous periods thanks to Pubstack's 90 day data retention. Look further back, identify seasonal trends and get more information than ever about your ad stack's performance compared to previous periods.

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