Real-time interactive dashboards

Pubstack’s out-of-the-box dashboards allow you to analyse data from across your entire ad stack in a single pane of glass.


Interactive data within your reach

Our platform displays your monetisation metrics in real-time and makes them interactive too!

Understand your monetisation data in real-time to identify opportunities quickly and spot problems faster, all while effortlessly comparing distinct timeframes for more accurate predictions.

Intuitive Slice & Dice experience

Break your data by multiple metrics and dimensions to quickly explore relevant insights, troubleshoot issues faster and speed up the optimisation process.

Experience straightforward navigation and visualisation of Prebid data, Direct Deals, GAM, traffic and ad quality metrics across multiple dimensions like bidders, devices, countries, browser, ad units and more.

Dynamic filtering at your fingertips

Effortlessly filter your dashboard view with a single click—no need to reload. Inclusions, exclusions, and cumulative filters enable swift transitions from macro to micro views, ensuring precise filtering for rapid, insightful data exploration.

With advanced filtering capabilities, Pubstack allows for powerful investigation and troubleshooting to spot the root cause of an issue when a problem occurs.

Unified and neutral metrics

Enhance partner evaluation and simplify discrepancy detection thanks to unified performance metrics.

Pubstack offers a consistent, normalised data source across all partners, enabling seamless performance comparison and control within a single platform.

Our platform, built with publishers and for publishers, is already trusted by several premium media groups

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