Measure, compare & take data-driven actions

Stop juggling between multiple reporting tools and monitor your advertising revenue thanks to real-time data, superior data granularity and preset alerts.

The single-stop revenue monitoring
platform for publishers

Pubstack’s platform aggregates each metric and event across your entire stack to help you analyse which factors influence your programmatic revenue and precisely measure their impact.

A tool made for any setup

Analyse all your revenue sources in real-time : Prebid, Google Ad Manager (Direct Campaigns, AdX, Open Bidding), Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace.

We make your data interactive through our quality (viewability, exposure & more) and engagement (user sessions, pages viewed & more) metrics to help you monitor & troubleshoot your stack with the utmost accuracy.

Highly-actionable data

Take action while reducing the guess work with our interactive data and no-code A/B testing. Our solution's level of granularity allows you to verify any hypothesis, for any context within your inventory.

Our Customer Team and Data Analysts are also available to help you run your analyses, give monetization recommendations and guide you in your programmatic journey.


Our platform, built with publishers and for publishers, is already trusted by several premium media groups



Real-time data, interactive dashboards

Our platform displays your monetisation metrics in real-time and makes them interactive too !
Back your hypotheses up with high-value insights and unbiased A/B testing to maximize your inventory’s revenue.

Monitor & track down critical issues

Avoid undetected issues and reduce your team’s time-to-action thanks to our alerting system. Our platform lets you set warnings based on preset triggers to help you track the exact impact of specific setup changes on your ad revenue.

Maintain your inventory’s quality

Viewability is essential when it comes to inventory quality. Keep your inventory in pristine condition and make sure your Ad Units are as valuable as possible for your bidders thanks to our Viewability module.

How it works

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