The Ultimate Ad Refresh Solution

Pubstack maximizes the value of your ad inventory
without Degrading user experiencewithout Harming CPMwithout Decreasing viewability

Built with Publishers for Publishers

Boost your ad revenue with technology built to empower you to optimize

The Ultimate Ad Refresh Solution

Achieve 20% to 40% ad revenue uplift in no time

Pubstack’s solution lets you tap into the full potential of your ad inventory by creating premium ad impressions that advertisers are looking after.

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The Ultimate Ad Refresh Solution

Supercharge Ad Viewability

Pubstack triggers ad refresh only when ads are in-view. The in-view ad refresh feature will generate a pool of highly-viewable impressions (90%-95%), leading to an increase in your inventory’s overall quality.

This is how we’ve turned a viewability killer into a viewability booster!


The Ultimate Ad Refresh Solution

Who said Ad Refresh decreases CPM?

Pubstack’s advanced analytics combined with smart rules (frequency control and ad refresh capping) lets you seamlessly find the right balance between perfect CPM and maximal ad revenue.

We generate highly-viewable, premium impressions that drive your CPM up, mitigating any other impact.

You don’t have to choose between CPM and revenue anymore,
Pubstack lets you have both.

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A product developed to serve publishers first without compromising demand partners interests

We’ve managed to make ad refresh a win-win situation for both sides, an ad refresh product that helps maximize the value of your inventory without compromising your reputation and by even making you exceed your demand partners’ expectations.


To do so, we have developed technology that lets you comply with your partners’ requirements, play by their rules and meet their expectations. Partner-specific ad refresh rules allow you to adapt to each partner’s bidding behavior to stay on the safe side.

Moreover, in-view ad refresh creates highly viewable impressions, that are even with less time exposure worth more than 10 poorly-viewability below-the-fold impressions.

A/B test different strategies and move faster!

Experiment with different ad refresh strategies in just a few clicks, define your traffic split and run 2 custom strategies simultaneously with different rules across different ad units, devices, sites or SSPs.

Granular performance data lets you easily track your results and fine-tune your set-up.

The Ultimate Ad Refresh Solution

Smooth user experience

Keep your user experience smooth thanks to technology that allows you to comply with Google Core Web Vitals like anti Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)settings .

Why Choose Pubstack?

Up to 90% more viewability
Up to 40% more revenue
Up to 20% uplift against other optimization solutions

The #1 Ad Optimization solution
for top Publishers

Thierry Philippet

Programmatic Director @PlanetMedia
Pubstack allows us to analyze, pilot, debug and optimize our programmatic revenue in real-time! It has become an INVALUABLE tool for our day-to-day tasks’ support in the programmatic team!!

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