Build & run your ad stack in no-code

Empowering you with more control so you can focus on what really matters: making more revenue.

Build complex stacks in the blink of an eye

Pubstack gives the flexibility to assemble complex programmatic setups brick by brick, all making it as easy as ticking a box! Reducing operational costs and time-to-action, our platform makes AdOps as agile and effective as possible.

No-code monetisation for agile AdOps

Give your AdOps team full ability to test, modify, and add new partners, bidders, ad units, ad unit behaviour. Moreover, enable them to seamlessly implement changes in real-time directly onto the webpage.

Speed up releases by at least 10 times without coding by breaking the AdOps dependency on developers thanks to our user friendly no-code platform.

Deploy safely and in real time

Effortlessly deploy changes in real-time to a limited portion of your inventory for controlled impact assessment. Safeguard your revenue while experimenting within a secure environment, all within a unified platform.

Implement modifications directly through our Build module, track real-time performance via our Analytics module, and confidently apply changes across your entire inventory once substantial results are confirmed.

Our support team has got your back

Be backed by a dedicated team who are readily available to address any inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance with a proactive approach.

With an in-depth understanding of programmatic intricacies, they contribute an additional layer of seamlessness to an already polished user experience.


Our platform, built with publishers and for publishers, is already trusted by several premium media groups



Elevate Ad Server Integration & Management

Pubstack redefines ad server management for publishers. Forget the days of cumbersome tasks that require extensive internal expertise. From ad server installation, mapping, bidirectionnal ad request management to roadblock intricacies.

By eradicating time-consuming discovery processes as well as endless backs and forths between developers and AdOps teams, Pubstack ensures efficient implementation of strategies to help you keep up with the rapid evolution of ad tech, making it the ultimate solution for streamlined ad server management.

Plug & Play monetisation

Take your pick from 100+ integrations to find the perfect fit & combination for your stack. Integrate, in no-code, bidders, identity providers, RTD modules, Amazon TAM and more!

Enable AdOps teams to seamlessly integrate new monetisation partners in less than one day without relying on tech teams.

Seamless Inventory Configuration

Create and configure your ad units for all your sites and devices directly from Pubstack. Effortlessly create and configure Ad Units across your websites and devices from a single interface. Pubstack supports standard and custom ad sizes, encompassing various Prebid formats along with Outstream video.

With this capability, you can generate, configure, and map ad units, specify the target devices, select the desired demand source, and even define advanced behaviours such as dynamic ad units and roadblocks.

A/B test without the hassle

Test each aspect of your monetisation strategy with minimal effort. Give programmatic teams the freedom to conduct A/B tests autonomously, thus reducing backs and forths with developers.

Explore diverse combinations of bidders, formats, ad layouts and optimisation rules to unlock the full potential of your ad stack.

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