Build your ad stack brick by brick

We handle the engineering while you focus on what really matters : making more revenue

Build complex stacks in the blink of an eye

Pubstack gives you the flexibility needed to assemble complex programmatic setups brick by brick, all while making it as easy as ticking a box ! Reducing operational costs and time-to-action, our platform makes AdOps as agile and effective as possible.

Not a tech ? Not a problem !

Break the AdOps dependency on developers & techs: manage your ad stack through a single unified User Interface thanks to our no-code platform.

Setups that would traditionally require both AdOps & Tech teams are now part of the past. Configuring new Ad Units or implementing a new ID solution has never been easier !


Take your pick from 250+ integrations to find the perfect fit/combination for your stack :

  • SSPs
  • Adservers
  • Identity providers
  • CMPs
  • & more to come !

Our platform, built with publishers and for publishers, is already trusted by several premium media groups



No more reliance on developers

Setting your website up and preparing it for complex monetisation strategies has never been so easy ! All it takes is the copy-paste of our optimised code into your site’s header to break the tech barrier and definitively cut your operational team’s dependency on web developers.

Connecting to the demand

Connecting a single SSP usually requires time and effort which could be used to optimise revenue generation. Our Pubstack UI frees publishers of the tech dependency by allowing you to connect several SSPs in a no-code environment.

No-code inventory mapping

Setting Prebid, GAM or TAM up can be a hassle, even more so when adding Ad Refresh or Lazy Loading into the mix. Pubstack allows publishers to easily map their inventory on Prebid, GAM & TAM from within our no-code interface, as well as optimising the ad-call lifecycle to prevent negative impacts on your loading times.

Keep your stack up to date

Not only does our tool allow inventory mapping, but you can also update your Prebid version directly within our platform. Whether it’s switching back to a previous version or sticking with the latest release, it can all be done from within our unified NoCode interface.

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