Security & reliability

Bringing transparency, reliability and high security standards to programmatic monetisation.


Pubstack lets you assemble complex programmatic setups brick by brick, all while making it as easy as ticking a box! Reducing operational costs and time-to-action, our platform makes AdOps as agile and effective as possible.

Unlock the Power of Transparency

Gain precise insights into your ad stack performance, enjoy comprehensive access to metrics, data, and information.

Our commitment to a "white box approach" ensures transparency throughout all your monetisation journey, keeping you well-informed at every stage.

Experience unparalleled SLAs

At Pubstack, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to Service Level Agreements. We recognise the paramount importance of timely and reliable services. With an unwavering focus on meeting and exceeding expectations, we acknowledge the critical role SLAs play in your success.

Rest assured, our dedication to delivering top-notch performance and support remains at the forefront of everything we do.

Elevating Security and Reliability

Pubstack is SOC 2 certified, this signifies our commitment to upholding the highest standards in quality and reliability.

With this certification, you can trust that Pubstack is dedicated to delivering exceptional services that meet the most stringent industry benchmarks.

Experience peace of mind and elevated performance with our SOC-certified platform.

Role-based access control

Pubstack categorises users and defines what account permissions those users have, such as what data they can read or what assets they can modify.

Notably, only individuals holding Owner roles are authorised to implement changes in the production environment.

This approach mitigates the potential risks associated with human errors, ensuring robust operational integrity.

SOC2 certification: protecting you and your audiences

As a company operating within the advertising industry, data security and data privacy are two topics that Pubstack takes very seriously. We are proud to share with you our SOC 2 report which you view here.

Our platform, built with publishers and for publishers, is already trusted by several premium media groups

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